Oostburg Area Chamber of Commerce


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Committees are an integral part of the Chamber. The more involved members become, the more the entire business community will benefit. Below is a brief description of each committee. All actions by committees will need the approval of the Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the Chamber at 920-564-6500.

Membership Committee

This team would develop strategies to increase membership such as, making cold calls, creating mailings, advertising, etc. They will focus on recruitment and retention.

Members: Steve Klescewski (Chair), Teresa Beardsley, Brenda DeBlaey, Judy Fergadakis, Brenda Lammers, Terri Mentink

Chamber Promotions and Networking Committee

This team would make recommendations to the Board regarding public relations, brochures, advertising, web page content, calendar program, Visitor’s Guide, etc. This team also develops networking events for the membership, engage speakers, organize socials, quarterly meetings and the annual meeting.

Members: Karin Oliver-Kreft (Chair), Julie Meyer, Laurie Werner, James Michel, Bob Arndt

Government Relations Committee

This team would act as a liaison between the local government and the Chamber membership keeping the membership informed of local issues and bringing concerns to the attention of appropriate government agencies. Members would need to attend local government meetings.

Members: James Michel

Economic Development Committee

This team would be comprised of members from the Village of Oostburg, various townships, Oostburg Public Schools, Chamber members, etc. to explore how Oostburg and the surrounding area could be developed to attract more businesses and consumers to the area.

Members: Jon Grosshuesch (Chair), Joel VanEss, Mark McCabe, Julie Meyer, James Michel, Paul Mentink, Randy Roethel, Gordy Veldboom, Allen Wrubble, Jack Hoffmann, Eric Glewen, Glenn Daane, Dane Checolinski, Steve Eggebeen

Christmas Parade

This team helps organize and promote the annual Christmas Parade.

Members: Corrina Molinaro (Chair)

Oostburg AugustFest

This team organizes, promotes, plans, and executes all activities involving Oostburg AugustFest.

Members: Laurie Werner (Chair), Michelle Bohm, Chris Gunkel, Terri Mentink, James Michel, Mary Raih, Shannon Sellin, Allen Wrubbel, Ryan Hafeman, Daven Claerbout, Reid Rathjen, Joel Ternes

Welcome Tote Committee

This team assembles Welcome Totes and delivers them to new residents within the Oostburg school district.

Members: Mary Raih (Chair)